Calendar 2015
Date/Month/Day Occasion  
31 December Thursday New Year's Eve Official holiday
10 December Thursday Constitution Day Official holiday
7 December Monday Substitute day of H.M. the King's Birthday (Saturday December 5 th) Official holiday
23 October Friday Chulalongkorn Day Official holiday
16 September Wednnesday QE (oral examination): Miss Kulwadee Karnjana  
9 September Wednnesday Pay Respect to Teacher  
7 September Monday Mahidol Graduation Convocation Ceremony for Academic Year 2015  
3 September Thursday QE (oral examination): Miss Chen Ke  
26 August Wednnesday QE (oral examination): Miss Choowedee Pariwatthanakun  
12 August Wednnesday H.M. The Queen's Birthday Official holiday
4 August Monday Defense : Bonkoch Turathum  
3 August Monday Predefense : Bonkoch Turathum  
31 July Friday Buddhist Lent Day Official holiday
30 July Thursday Asalha Bucha Day Official holiday
1 June Monday Visakha Bucha Day Official holiday
13 May Wednnesday Royal Ploughing Ceremony Day Official holiday
5 May Tuesday Coronation Day Official holiday
1 May Friday End of Term 2, 2014  
1 May Friday National Labour Day Official holiday
15 April Wednnesday Songran Festial Official holiday
14 April Tuesday Songran Festial Official holiday
13 April Monday Songran Festial Official holiday
6 April Monday Chakri Day Official holiday
12 March Tuesday Thesis Examination : Mr.Tanapol Limboonreung  
11 March Wednnesday MU workpoint training  
4 March Wednnesday Makha Bucha Day Official holiday
24 February Tuesday The list of eligible candidates for interview,for the year 2015.
Round 1
17 February Tuesday Mini-Symposium  
11 February Wednnesday Thesis Examination : Miss Panetha Pansri  
24 January Saturday Merit "The charity dedicated to you, Headmaster," 2014.  
13 January Tuesday Department of Anatomy New Year  
10 January Saturday Children's Day  
2 January Friday New Year Holiday Official holiday
1 January Thursday New Year's Day Official holiday