The Department of Anatomy established its first teaching and research activities in 1967; under the guidance of the Acting Chairman Professor Robert C. Holland. Before coming to Thailand as visiting professor sponsored by the Rockefeller Foundation, Professor Holland had taught Neuroanatomy at the University of Arkansas Medical School. He brought along two professors: one was Professor Vernon L. Yeager and another was Professor William P. Callahan III. Professors Holland, Yeager and Callahan were responsible for teaching neuroanatomy, gross anatomy and histology, respectively. Besides teaching, they also laid a foundation of research activities in the department. These include setting up basic scientific equipment, running research of their interest and training Thai graduate students toward master and Ph.D. degrees.

     Most Thai graduate students during that period, 1967-1975, later became teaching and research staff of the department. Professor Holland's research work was in neuroendocrinology, with emphasis on the functions of hypothalamic nuclei. Professor Yeager's was on bone development and Professor Callahan's on histochemistry. Two post-doctoral fellows, Drs. Hideo Nigoro and Myra Smith, also worked under supervision of Professor Holland.

     To encourage research interest among medical students, the department also joined with other departments in funding selective medical students for undergraduate research projects. Some of these students had developed high interest in research and later even pursued research career after medical graduation.