Body Donation

Body Donation…The Biggest “Give” for Medical Profession…

          It has been a long tradition for Thai people that are realizing the importance of donating their bodies for purposes of medical education. Such donations provide students and other health care professionals with a unique opportunity to familiarize themselves with the anatomical relationships found in the human body that are essential for understanding the progression and treatment of disease. In the point of view of the bhuddism, donation of body to be “Ajarn Yai” (body for dissection) for Human Anatomy subject is considerable one of the biggest “Give” (in Thai – “Kusol”) for human being which everyone can aim to get after death life.

          Students preparing themselves for careers in medicine and related professions are fully aware of the special privilege granted to them through the “Body Donation Program” and fully realize that they have to conduct themselves in a professional manner during their educational training. The education of students largely depends on the public spirit of those people who donate their bodies to be studied after their deaths. At the end of the Human Anatomy study, all medical and paramedical students will organize the Royal Cremation Event to give the privilege honesty back to “Ajarn Yai” and the family members.

          On behalf of the Department of Anatomy, Faculty of Science, Mahidol University as we as of the soon-coming medical students, clinical trainees, and the patients who will ultimately be treated by these new doctors, we would like to express the deepest gratitude and appreciation for the spiritual intention of those who donate their bodies for medical study.

          If you are interested in more information about donating body for medical study in Department of Anatomy, Faculty of Science, Mahidol University through the “Body Donation Program”, please download the “Body Donation Form” (แบบฟอร์มหนังสือสำคัญการอุทิศร่างกายเพื่อการศึกษา) available in this website and send it to us via our contact address.

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