The Open House : Anatomy@MUSC

          We believe that many of young students who have determination to become doctors or medical practitioners in the future really explore their own experience in approaching and learning about human body before they can get into the program in medical science.

          In the Open House hosting annually by Department of Anatomy@MUSC, almost 10,000 visitors come to gain such experience from the cadevers' bodies or from asking the 2nd medical students about what they have learned about human bodies. One of the most impressive and worth trusty experience that all medical students reflect to us is that learning from the cadavers allows them to realize more about morals and ethics of taking care human lives in the future. At the same time, the students all realize how important is the body donation from the persons who intend to provide students the unvaluable knowledge that the can't find elsewhere from any textbooks in the world.

          We invite you all to visit us and discover the experience by yourself.